Video Review & Analysis

Forensic Investigation Team

Over the past 10+ years UCIT has provided clients, insurance companies, and police with tens of thousands of documented video review evidence files.

Our video review team reviews archived footage for our clients so they don’t have to. Video analysis can often take several hours to complete – leave it to UCIT’s dedicated video review experts!

During Monitoring Hours

When events occur during monitoring hours our team starts putting together an edited video outlining the events that have occurred which are sent to clients with a written summary.

Video reviews often require our analysts to pull hours of raw footage from multiple cameras on a site to then be analyzed and edited into a condensed clip that tells the story of the event. Often, video reports are shared with police who can use the evidence to more effectively prosecute arrested criminals.

Non-Monitoring Hours

Theft, vandalism and accidents are common events that can occur on sites during business hours. Instead of having staff spending time sorting through archived video, UCIT’s dedicated video review team will search through hours of video footage on your behalf to investigate any issues you have and present you with the end result.

Common uses of our video review team include tracking hours of contractors, verifying deliveries, and providing video evidence to defend against fraudulent workplace injury claims.

System Health-Checking

Because it’s important for our monitoring operators and video review team to use only systems that are functioning properly, UCIT has runs a proprietary system health-checking program that ensures cameras, NVRs, hard drives, internet, and other on-site equipment is working properly.

The system health checking system runs multiple times per day and works in conjunction with UCIT’s field technicians and service teams to ensure limited site downtime.

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