Solar Trailers

GEMS - Green Energy Mobile Solution

For temporary or remotely located projects without available power, UCIT offers clients’ our Green Energy Mobile Solution (GEMS) trailers.

GEMS trailers were originally created for UCIT’s construction clients that needed a solution more cost effective than guards and more robust than existing solar powered camera solutions.

5+ years of R&D and testing later we launched our own trailer designed to record and monitor sites in rural areas through weather conditions spanning North America.

Traditional energy and power supply systems not only have low energy conversion efficiency, but also consume a lot of power.

In rural areas, power is commonly generated by diesel generators with inherent problems such as, frequent fault occurrences, unstable communications services, large carbon footprint, and high operating costs.

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Did you know?

Industries currently using UCIT’s GEMs trailers include construction, oil & gas, renewable energy, utilities, and industrial facilities.

No Power? No Problem. We have you covered.

Standalone solar powered surveillance unit for sites without power

  • Secure any site, anywhere with a self-powering solution that works 24/7 – 365 days
  • Equipped with 360-degree Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera, HD lowlight cameras, and IR illuminators
  • Flexible to the location where it can be placed with quick setup time
  • Ideal for keeping an eye on temporary or remotely located projects, clients’ can log into cameras to view cameras from PCs, laptops or mobile devices


Solar Powered surveillance technology allows cameras to monitor sites without power/electricity


Secure any site with a solar trailer that is self-powering in any condition


Standard GEMs equipment includes ‘Lightfinder’ cameras and other low-lite technology, specially designed for low-lite nighttime monitoring


Can be placed in many locations and can be completely self-sustained


Utilizes solar panels with advanced battery technology and backup generators managed by UCIT’s Remote Energy Management System

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