Arrest of the Month Videos

Watch actual footage captured by UCIT Online live surveillance. Our 3 dedicated monitoring centers proactively watch over 18,000 cameras each night. When they see suspicious activity our trained operators follow client protocols and current property notes and take action that can include activating speaker warnings, calling police to report an incident in progress, and contacting property staff.

See how we proactively prevent crime in these select videos.

Remote video surveillance cameras can deter intruders and criminals, minimize liability claims and help maintain a safe working environment.

Around 9:40 p.m. on a Sunday night, a trained UCIT security operator was watching a construction site as a group of people arrived. Two individuals approached the barricade and placed something inside some of the barrels. They ignited the contents and quickly backed away as explosives shot out. When the fireworks stopped, one person appeared to rearrange the contents of a barrel, re-lit them and ran away. Again, the contents exploded. One of the barrels continued to smoke, then caught fire. Our trained operator, who was still watching, called the fire department. They arrived minutes later to douse the flames before they produced devastating loss.

Safety is always a concern at construction sites, and not just for the people who work on them. Trespassers and vandals can cause costly damage to structures and equipment that can halt the progress of a project.

Our trained operators can watch your site, no matter how remote the location or extreme the conditions may be. They can keep an eye on your project and monitor situations in real-time, even informing personnel of potential safety hazards that may be on the property.

A suspect is seen entering a Seattle construction site early one Thursday morning. He navigates his way around the site, gathering supplies and equipment and stockpiling it by the fence. He then exits the property. Minutes later he returns and pries the fence open while an accomplice rounds the corner in a white pickup truck. Our PTZ camera zooms in to see the suspect tossing the stolen supplies into the back of the truck. He hops in and they drive away, but they didn’t get very far. Fortunately, our trained operators are watching and call the police, who promptly arrive to make an arrest.

Construction site theft is an industry-wide problem. Not only are there costs for replacing the stolen materials, project managers must deal with the expense of increased insurance premiums and lost productivity. The recovery rate for stolen goods at a construction site is less than 20%.

The key to deterring theft is to make it as hard as possible for anyone to take your goods. A remote surveillance system can help deter theft and unwanted traffic from a construction site. Trained operators watch security cameras in real time. If they see suspicious activity, they can activate a speaker to let the suspects know they are being watched and, if necessary, call local authorities.

Construction site fires cause more than $176 million every year in the United States. This month’s catch of the month shows how UCIT’s video monitoring system can help prevent construction site fires from spreading.

A UCIT security monitoring operator was watching an unoccupied construction site at 5:30 p.m. when a fire broke out under a canvas tarp. The operator immediately called the fire department, who arrived in minutes. The flames were quickly extinguished and firefighters moved in to inspect the site. There were no reported injuries.

Thousands of construction fires happen every year and they are a big concern for project managers. With so many flammable materials on site, a single spark from a sander or a carelessly tossed cigarette is enough to ignite one and cause catastrophic damage. Do you have someone watching your site after hours every day who can act at a moment’s notice?

UCIT cameras can be placed in areas of vulnerability, with operators trained to look for smoke or flames as a primary focus. Notifying local fire departments of fire risk in real time can quickly resolve an incident that otherwise could cost millions in damages or worse, demolish an entire project.

Every person who steps foot on a construction site is at risk of injury. If safety is compromised, the consequences can be devastating. Live video monitoring can also mitigate injury claims by providing detailed video analysis of site events

A pair of trespassers enter a construction site at 1:35 a.m. A UCIT security operator sees them enter, then exit an unoccupied building. Our trained operator calls local police. The suspects scurry across the outdoor construction lot and down to a lower level, out of camera view.

An unsecured construction site is a prime target for thieves and trespassers. But entering a construction site can be extremely hazardous. There are many hidden dangers, like ditches and supply lines, that unknowing suspects may not be aware of. In certain circumstances, trespassers can even file suit if they are injured on your property. A live monitored security system can help protect you from liability by watching for risky situations in real time.

Three police officers and a dog arrive. They cross the construction yard and summon the trespassers. The two suspects walk back towards the officers and are arrested.

Construction site liability is a growing problem. Security is essential to ensuring the safety of everyone who enters the jobsite, even unwanted visitors. It is also important in deterring vandalism and theft. UCIT’s proactive remote surveillance system can help protect your site.

At 5:31, a.m., a trespasser walks through a construction site in Portland, Oregon, then darts to a dumpster in an isolated area. The suspect starts rifling through the dumpster and places things inside a dark garbage bag. The weatherproof surveillance cameras automatically adapt to the poor lighting conditions, which allows the trained security operator to see the activity and call Portland Police. The suspect walks away from the dumpster with multiple garbage bags filled to the brim. The security operator continues to follow his movements with several weatherproof surveillance cameras.

As part of live video monitoring protocol, trained operators can stay on the line to update responding officers with real-time information about a suspect’s location and activities.

Responding officers follow the thief’s path. They contact the suspect and make an arrest.

Weatherproof surveillance cameras are an asset for construction site security. These cameras can continue to record and stream video in real time through rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures. Unlike traditional security guards whose ability to monitor your property may be impaired in these conditions, a trained remote security operator can still watch for criminal activity in real time to help protect your property.

JANUARY 2018 ARREST OF THE MONTH - Lumber Thieves Arrested by Police - Construction Site Security

At 5:07 p.m., a monitoring operator sees a suspect in a blue jacket outside of a construction site security fence. The monitoring operator follows his movements with the outdoor HD surveillance cameras. The suspect walks further down the sidewalk and waits, with his hands in his pockets.

An accomplice arrives at the construction site. Moments later, he lifts a large piece of lumber over the fence. The operator watches the theft and calls local police.

Construction sites face many challenges including theft, vandalism, property damage and liability concerns. Open sites with only a fence that can be easily climbed on or broken make valuable materials and equipment vulnerable to thieves.

NOVEMBER 2017 ARREST OF THE MONTH - Thief Arrested at Apartment Construction Site in Fort Worth, Texas

A construction site in Texas with an open gate seemed like an easy target for a would-be thief. However, UCIT Online live video monitoring was watching and alerted the police for a prompt arrest.

JULY 2017 ARREST OF THE MONTH - Industrial Warehouse Thief Arrested in Los Angeles, California

A Los Angeles thief thinks this scrap metal center serves free takeout.  It doesn’t.  Thanks to UCIT live video monitoring, what it does serve up is a chance for up to three years for second degree burglary at a California county jail.

JUNE 2017 ARREST OF THE MONTH - Helicopter Finds Late Night Trespasser

A shopping center trespasser jumps up to grab a ladder at the back of a shopping center.  UCIT watches and acts on suspicious behavior. The police arrive quickly and get helicopter support because our call is a report of a live crime in progress.

MAY 2017 ARREST OF THE MONTH - Thieves Lose Hide & Seek with police

Two men enter a car dealer parking lot. Both men wear black masks on their faces. One carries a sledgehammer. A UCIT operator calls the local police. The suspects appear to try to break into multiple cars on the lot. UCIT fixed and PTZ video cameras follow the thieves as they walk throughout the dealership.

APRIL 2017 ARREST OF THE MONTH - Medical Office Theft Prevented

Thieves often target medical malls and medical offices. Medical offices have lab equipment, electronics, and drugs worth thousands of dollars. The suspect is armed with a crowbar. A UCIT remote video monitor activates an on-site speaker and call the local police.

MARCH 2017 ARREST OF THE MONTH - Masked Car Thieves Arrested

Three men are spotted suspiciously walking through a car dealership parking lot. They thieves wear bandanas over their faces to disguise their identities.  That’s a smart strategy that foils video recordings. This dealership is even smarter.  They use live video surveillance from UCIT so they can catch criminals on the property … with or without a mask.

FEBRUARY 2017 ARREST OF THE MONTH - Condo Opportunist Arrested

A man walks into the laundry room at a multifamily apartment complex. He carries a screwdriver and a silver case.  The suspect tilts several washing machines to determine how much change they hold.   A proactive UCIT security operator calls the local police, resulting in a swift arrest.

JANUARY 2017 ARREST OF THE MONTH - Fleet Truck Thieves

UCIT operators see two suspicious individuals approach a fleet of delivery trucks, targeting cargo, GPS systems batteries, tires, and wheels. UCIT operators verify the situation before contacting the local police.


Brazen drug use in the middle of a public shopping plaza is soon put to an end by the UCIT online video surveillance team. Police are quickly notified and arrive to arrest the assailants.


2 hooded assailants attempt to steal valuable property from an auto dealership. A UCIT Online Video monitoring specialist are instantly alerted and ensure the only thing they get is a one way ticket to jail.


A weekend opportunist tries to take advantage of a supposedly empty warehouse and attempt to make off with $1,000s worth of scrap material. UCIT Online video monitoring specialists have other ideas, and ensure the trespasser is captured by police.


How 24hr remote video surveillance prevented criminal activity in progress, and a potentially fatal accident…
A daredevil trespasser broke into a construction site before climbing a 100ft crane. What he didn’t know is that a UCIT Video Monitoring Specialist was following his every move.


Trespassers sneaking around at night in on a construction site are difficult to notice for regular, infrequent guard tours. Here we see another great job by the UCIT Online monitoring surveillance team, capturing a live crime in progress and calling authorities. A swift arrest is made with no valuables stolen.


How 24hr remote video surveillance prevented criminal activity in progress, using knowledge and experience…
Having scouted the area for an entry point, a trespasser attempts to break into a building.

What he didn’t know is that a UCIT Video Monitoring Specialist was following his every move….


A wire thief thinks that the property he has entered is unsecured. The fact that he sees no one on the compound does not mean that he is not being watched. UCIT video monitoring specialists work quickly to ensure that this trespasser is quickly arrested by police.


UCIT Online Video Monitoring specialists track a trespasser who tries to give on site security the slip.

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