Office Buildings


Office buildings often rely on after-the-fact evidence that doesn’t stop a crime in progress and has little value if criminals cannot be identified. On-site security guards are expensive and can only be in one place at a time.

UCIT’s watches cameras live at night and weekends, using advanced video analytics to trigger alerts and notify professional trained operators of activity. Operators learn staff schedules and customize a protocol to determine what activity is authorized.

We also monitor the system itself through a daily health-checking system  in order to ensure reliability and provide continuous viewing and recording capabilities to limit undocumented site activities, which can prove to cause liability issues for office building owners and manager.

No Upfront Equipment Costs

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UCIT has the capacity to protect both indoor and outdoor assets across every type of building location. We understand that the areas most vulnerable and have specific strategies to secure areas such as perimeters, entries, loading areas, alleyways parking areas and more. Each come with unique processes and protocols which we endeavor to adhere to.


Damage to Entrances/Exits: Loitering is a common occurrence, with broken entryways costing potentially costing thousands to repair. UCIT’s video monitoring operators are trained to identify suspicious activity at building entrances before it occurs, often communicating directly with people on site using 2 way communication to deter criminal behavior.

Theft: In large buildings, expensive items like computers and sensitive documents can easily be stolen. UCIT’s advanced video analytics can be utilized to alert monitoring operators in real-time when intruders access restricted areas during set hours.

Vandalism in back alleys: Alleys are notorious for late night and potentially dangerous activity. Typical issues include back door break ins, vandalism, loitering, and trespassing. UCIT’s monitoring solutions provides the ability to actively watch site activities in real-time and use Voicedown communication to inform trespassers that they have been spotted and authorities are on the way, acting as a powerful deterrent.

Parking Lots: Car Lots are full of places to hide and hotspots for theft. Our analytics-based cameras have the ability to pick up movements in parking lots, alerting operators to look for suspicious activity, often preventing break-ins or damage to vehicles or other illegal activity.




Criminal activity can cost business owners and managers a considerable amount of time and money. UCIT’s monitoring staff are trained specifically to watch for criminal behavior, with the goal of stopping crimes while in progress.

  • Prevent material theft and site vandalism
  • Significantly deter daytime theft
  • Utilize UCIT forensic video investigators to review recorded video and determine the cause of on-site incidents.

Unlike traditional alarm companies, UCIT’s video monitoring staff are watching events in real time, allowing operators to scare off criminals using voice down audio deterrents or report live crimes in progress to the police.


Remotely ensure that everyone on site is compliant with your health and safety regulations. Site liability is a growing concern, especially now companies are being held liable for anyone failing to follow industry guidelines on your premises.

With the ability to remotely view sites, you can see that safety procedures are being followed and take appropriate action before sites become vulnerable to fines or closure.

Additionally, recording and archiving site activities can prove useful when dealing with insurance companies or authorities during incidents such as on-site injury claims or accidents.


Physical security guards are expensive costing companies $8,000-$10,000 per month for coverage 108 hours per week.  UCIT specializes in providing effective Remote Video Monitoring solutions that are typically 30-50% more cost effective than security guards.  UCIT supplies these solutions to their customers with no up-front equipment and installation costs.

Compared with guards who can only see one area at a time, UCIT’s operators can monitor large areas at once by utilizing a combination of high tech IP cameras, sensors, video analytics, and other remote video monitoring technology designed to provide a turn-key security solution for a wide range of client environments.


Our state of the art video monitoring centers have been focused on remote video monitoring since 2002. The types of video monitoring specified can vary by industry and client needs; they include Live Video Monitoring, video verification, event-based monitoring, video guard tours, Gate Entry/Exit Control, and Remote Concierge.

Our video monitoring stations have back up power generation, back up internet, and full system redundancies to ensure your site remains secured 365 days of the year.

Whether it’s 24/7 coverage of multiple projects or after hours monitoring of a select location, UCIT’s team has the right video monitoring solution to meet your needs.


UCIT’s customized reporting allows customers to get an understanding of what activities are happening on their sites based on their needs. UCIT’s video analyst team reviews archived video for clients to provide video evidence of onsite issues, such as on-site accidents or dishonest trade billing.

Years of investments in advanced video analytics allow for each site to be setup with key areas of focus, which enables operators to make decisions based on customized parameters.


In addition to securing sites, UCIT’s team is always focused on other ways that technology can be used to help improve our clients’ business processes. For example, UCIT operators can note whether doors are left opened, lights are turned off, or entryways need to be cleaned, and then provide the customer with timely reporting and video evidence if necessary.

Customers may also choose to receive an immediate call or e-mail notification.


UCIT uses a combination of technology and human intelligence to execute the best possible client experiences and security outcomes. UCIT performs an in depth needs analysis to identify customers pain points, key areas of risk, along with operational goals.  Our security experts integrate these needs and goals into an industry leading security system design.

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