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Multi-Family Residential Solutions

Multi-family, low, mid and high-rise properties can experience an enhanced sense of safety and security with UCIT’s customized residential video surveillance solutions.

Apartment complexes seek to maintain a secure environment for their tenants, while reducing their own exposure to site liability when property managers are off-duty, UCIT  provides peace of mind, by watching the property for suspicious activity.

We work in real-time to catch events as they happen and produce footage of incidents caught by our cameras that property managers would otherwise be unaware.

Property managers are sometimes tasked with the cumbersome task of searching through hours of video footage to investigate site issues. UCIT’s video review team works closely with building management to provide reporting and video evidence of site activities, sometimes providing reports to local police authorities.

No Upfront Equipment Costs

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One Low Monthly Fee


Physical security guards can be expensive and have limited coverage. Drive by patrol-services are rarely onsite and can be easily bypassed. Other camera systems that are not being watched will not produce the same results as UCIT’s proven proactive solution. Our apartment clients span coast to coast and  have provided us with the feedback to develop customized  solutions for various types of properties to achieve a multitude of objectives.

Tenant’s sense of security and safety are major factors in maximizing rental rates and minimizing vacancy, key value drivers for building value within the multi-family residential market.


Damage to Entrances/Exits: Broken gates can cost thousands to repair and leave properties vulnerable to trespassers. UCIT’s video monitoring operators are trained to identify suspicious activity at building entrances before it occurs, often communicating directly with people on site using 2 way communication to deter criminal behavior

After Hours Loitering: Late night noise and broken glass or garbage in resident common areas, can not only be a nuisance, but can damage a building’s reputation.  Depending on the situation and specific client protocol scripts, UCIT operators will call police directly, communicate with people on site using 1-way or 2-way speaker systems, or even call to dispatch a guard from a local security guard partner. Our video managers will provide video to property managers, who may be able to identify on-site perpetrators.

Theft: Valuable items like computers, fitness equipment and even rent checks can be stolen from buildings. UCIT’s motion sensors can alert our monitoring operators in real-time when intruders access restricted areas during set hours.

Parking Lots: Car Lots are full of places to hide and hotspots for theft. Our analytics-based cameras have the ability to pick up movements in parking lots, alerting operators to look for suspicious activity, often preventing break-ins or damage to vehicles or other illegal activity.

There is significant value in the cameras beyond the monitoring service provided. Leveraging this technology certainly made it easy for me to check on things when I was away. UCIT’s service was excellent and their contribution was to adhere to the high standards they stated they would. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Barry Singer, Site Superintendent, Calbridge Homes




Criminal activity can cost business owners and managers a considerable amount of time and money. UCIT’s monitoring staff are trained specifically to watch for criminal behavior, with the goal of stopping crimes while in progress.

  • Prevent material theft and site vandalism
  • Significantly deter daytime theft
  • Utilize UCIT forensic video investigators to review recorded video and determine the cause of on-site incidents


Unlike traditional alarm companies, UCIT’s video monitoring staff are watching events in real time, allowing operators to scare off criminals using voice down audio deterrents or report live crimes in progress to the police.


Remotely ensure that everyone on site is compliant with your health and safety regulations. Site liability is a growing concern, especially now companies are being held liable for anyone failing to follow industry guidelines on your premises.

With the ability to remotely view sites, you can see that safety procedures are being followed and take appropriate action before sites become vulnerable to fines or closure.

Additionally, recording and archiving site activities can prove useful when dealing with insurance companies or authorities during incidents such as on-site injury claims or accidents.


Physical security guards are expensive costing companies $8,000-$10,000 per month for coverage 108 hours per week.  UCIT specializes in providing effective Remote Video Monitoring solutions that are typically 30-50% more cost effective than security guards.  UCIT supplies these solutions to their customers with no up-front equipment and installation costs.

Compared with guards who can only see one area at a time, UCIT’s operators can monitor large areas at once by utilizing a combination of high tech IP cameras, sensors, video analytics, and other remote video monitoring technology designed to provide a turn-key security solution for a wide range of client environments.


Our state of the art video monitoring centers have been focused on remote video monitoring since 2002. The types of video monitoring specified can vary by industry and client needs; they include Live Video Monitoring, Video Verification, Event-Based Monitoring, Video Guard Tours, Gate Entry/Exit Control, and Remote Concierge.

Our video monitoring stations have back up power generation, back up internet, and full system redundancies to ensure your site remains secured 365 days of the year.

Whether it’s 24/7 coverage of multiple projects or after hours monitoring of a select location, UCIT’s team has the right video monitoring solution to meet your needs.


UCIT’s customized reporting allows customers to get an understanding of what activities are happening on their sites based on their needs. UCIT’s video analyst team reviews archived video for clients to provide video evidence of onsite issues, such as on-site accidents or dishonest trade billing.

Years of investments in advanced video analytics allow for each site to be setup with key areas of focus, which enables operators to make decisions based on customized parameters.


In addition to securing sites, UCIT’s team is always focused on other ways that technology can be used to help improve our clients’ business processes. For example, UCIT operators can note whether doors are left opened, lights are turned off, or entryways need to be cleaned, and then provide the customer with timely reporting and video evidence if necessary.

Customers may also choose to receive an immediate call or e-mail notification.


UCIT uses a combination of technology and human intelligence to execute the best possible client experiences and security outcomes. UCIT performs an in depth needs analysis to identify customers pain points, key areas of risk, along with operational goals.  Our security experts integrate these needs and goals into an industry leading security system design.


  • With regularly scheduled Virtual Patrols and ‘Voicedown’ capabilities, UCIT creates awareness that the camera system being actively monitored in real time. The ability to watch events as they occur and communicate with people on-site is key in preventing undesired behavior.


  • In addition to Virtual Patrols, UCIT also offers Event-Based response using the latest in video analytics. Analytic-based alarms can be programmed to trigger based on setting specific parameters such as date / time, areas of the site, amount of activity, etc. Event-Based monitoring is most effective for static restricted sites where ‘smart’ software can learn sites overtime to help eliminate  false positives and provide better monitoring results.


  • UCIT also offers a state-of-the art, revolutionary Remote Concierge product, where concierge operators can confirm identification and log visitors, enforce no trespass orders, check-in for commercial vendors, and more.


  • UCIT’s customized solutions provide effective solutions at a lower cost than more traditional options, providing property managers with comprehensive video surveillance, monitoring and other customized security for a wide array of multi-family residential properties.

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