Hurricane Safety for Construction Sites

August 21 2018
Hurricane Safety

Is your construction site ready for hurricane season? Last year was a record breaker for North America with 17 tropical storms, six category three hurricanes and two category five hurricanes.  Almost 150 people died in the United States alone. As part of management’s responsibility, you must take all the precautions you can to ensure your staff is safe and hurricane safety measures are put in place.

The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) published safety tips covering things to do before, during and after a hurricane. It’s crucial for construction workers and management to prepare beforehand by asking a few questions. Are you familiar with your surroundings? Is the area prone to flooding? What is the best way to get to the evacuation route?

In a recent article about protecting a construction site during severe weather, we recommended using a preparedness checklist to ready your property for hurricanes and other types of extreme weather. Once the hurricane hits landfall, management and workers must adapt to the changing weather conditions.  The American Red Cross recommends to keep everyone inside and away from storm water since it can be contaminated with garbage, sewage, insects and other pollutants.  Flood waters also pose other threats. Just 15 centimeters of water can knock a person over and 60 centimeters can lift and move a car!

While you are away from your construction site, it’s hard to know what events are taking place, unless someone is watching. Remote video surveillance can be the eyes on your site. Trained video surveillance operators remotely watch construction sites in real-time, at safe locations away from a storm. They can update property managers and other important contact people about current conditions, like flood levels, property damage or downed power lines. Based on the information, these decision makers can take appropriate action.

Hurricane safety, as well as safety in general, are crucial components of any construction site plan. If you have any additional questions about live video monitoring and our construction site safety solution, contact us here,