Channel Partners


Do you sell, integrate or service camera, video, A/V, and IT products?

Join the UCIT Online Partners network and give your customers even greater services and solutions while increasing your profits and growing your business.

No single company can address the needs of every business. Together we can provide your customers with a comprehensive solution that will enable them to increase security and reduce costs while leveraging their existing cameras or guard services.

  • Earn revenues on your referrals at no cost to you
  • Increase your client services with the addition of UCIT’s live monitoring
  • Close more sales with a wider and more effective security solution
  • Market to larger enterprise businesses
  • Differentiate your business from competitors

By creating a collective resource pool, we can all benefit — satisfied customers, increased revenue and greater profitability.

Partner Benefits

The UCIT Channel Partner program is provided for Security Systems Integrators and Dealers, as well as Security Guard Providers.

UCIT spends time training both sales and technical resources at our partner companies on how to design, sell and install video monitoring applications. Our team gets to know how your company operates so we can help position our service to your customers in the most meaningful manner.

All partners can enjoy the following benefits:

  • UNTAPPED RMR –  Maximize your revenue potential with next-generation managed and monitored video services. Transform a higher percentage of your business from one-time sales to monthly recurring revenue.
  • UNIQUE SERVICE –  Improve your competitive advantage through unique security solutions and improve your value as a partner to your customers.
  • UNSURPASSED SUPPORT– Work seamlessly with UCIT sales, marketing and technical support 24/7 to ensure delivery of the right solutions and services to your clients.


Building A Competitive Edge

Our program is designed to get results and includes:

  • Sales training
  • Technical training
  • Ongoing ‘Quick Start’ sales training program
  • Ongoing sales support
  • In-person collaborative sales calls
  • Web conference or demo support
  • Solution design support
  • Technical and operational support
  • Customized partner-branded marketing materials
  • Project consultation and pricing support


Contact us at 1(866) 756-7847 or submit the form below to learn how we can create an effective solution to boost your profits.

Featured Reseller Partner

Securadyne Systems is a full-service security solutions provider focused on enterprise-class electronic security systems. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with branch offices throughout the United States. In 2016 Securadyne won the SDM System’s Integrator of the Year.

UCIT decided to partner with Securadyne because of their focus on top-tier customer service, significant industry expertise, and exceptional management team with an aligned vision around solution-based services and company values.

What They Say


“As a systems integrator whose core values center around accountability, customer satisfaction and high-performance, we sought to find a managed video services partner that shares that vision and commitment. UCIT provides an advanced suite of managed and monitored video services that meets our customers’ needs today and, of equal importance, will allow us to broaden our technology portfolio to grow and strengthen those relationships through our service-oriented security solutions.”

– Taylor Carr, Executive Vice President, Securadyne Systems