About Us


UCIT Online Security (UCIT, pronounced “You See It”) was founded in 2003 by Sidney Sommer, a Toronto entrepreneur with a vision of creating a disruptive technology company focused on innovating the commercial video surveillance market.

The company began focused on guard replacement solutions for construction sites and later branched out into providing permanent security solutions for shopping centers, apartment / condo buildings, logistics yards, manufacturing facilities, scrap metal and energy companies.

In early 2011, UCIT Online Security partnered with Auxo Management, a private investment firm, to help take UCIT to the next level. Following significant organic growth, in late 2016 UCIT and Auxo partnered with Stealth Monitoring, a family-owned commercial video surveillance company based in Dallas, Texas.

The combination of UCIT and Stealth has clients and operations across North America, with 3 fully redundant central monitoring stations watching tens of thousands of cameras for thousands of commercial clients.

Having control over each department and owning the entire process, allows us to ensure clients are provided with a top tier turnkey customer experience.


Our goal is to be the premier provider of remote video monitoring services for commercial & industrial clients across North America.


‘Wow’ them at every opportunity.


Honesty and respect in all dealings



Organizational impact starts with individual ownership



Leveraging collective genius.


Seek innovation, sustain forward thinking



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