We believe success is based on honesty, commitment, collaboration, and the ability to listen to customers’ unique demands and quickly customize solutions to meet their needs.

“I’ve worked with UCIT over the past 7 years with 2 different companies; Footprint Developments and Manshield Construction. It’s been nothing but positive for our security needs. Their talk down system works great. I would highly recommend this company.”

“As a systems integrator whose core values center around accountability, customer satisfaction and high-performance, we sought to find a managed video services partner that shares that vision and commitment.  UCIT provides an advanced suite of managed and monitored video services that meets our customers’ needs today and, of equal importance, will allow us to broaden our technology portfolio to grow and strengthen those relationships through our service-oriented security solutions.”

We were able to secure our sites while saving close to 50% compared to using a guard but we were also able to save additional money by using the video to resolve incidents that occurred on site. We eventually implemented UCIT solution on 13 sites and are prepared to use their solution in place of guards on future sites where applicable.

Monarch Corporation has been working with UCIT Online since early 2008. They currently provide construction site security for our projects throughout the province of Ontario inclusive of the GTA and Ottawa. Prior to UCIT Online, Monarch utilized security guards but found that they were neither a cost effective nor an efficient security solution.

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