Trucking Warehouse Theft at E-commerce Tech Company

October 04 2017
Trucking warehouse

A trucking warehouse theft was valued in the hundreds of thousands of USD. The flex space property is based in the Los Angeles, California area. Flex spaces are commercial sites that fuse warehouses with office space. An e-commerce technology company used this flex space for their operational needs and to store inventory.

On a Friday evening at about 11:00 p.m., an employee with the tech company called the local police. Thieves stole one of the tech company’s box trucks. Before leaving, responding police officers searched the trucking warehouse property and the surrounding areas to ensure the business was secure. They were unable to locate the stolen box truck.

An employee at the e-commerce tech company called the local police a second time between the first call and Sunday before noon. A hole was cut in one of the roll-up loading dock doors. More inventory was stolen. This e-commerce business sold computer and electronic parts. The stolen inventory was valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The trucking warehouse did have security cameras, but live monitoring was not reported. According to the local police, the surveillance video showed the thieves crawled inside so they would not trigger an alarm system. In a few hours, thieves loaded merchandise into a stolen box truck.  The suspects drove away from the trucking warehouse in an unknown direction.

Later that night, the authorities located the stolen truck at a construction site. There was no sign of the stolen inventory. Since the article was published, the Los Angeles-area Police have been unable to locate the thieves or the stolen inventory. Deputies searched the construction site for fingerprints. They also obtained surveillance video from the area in hopes of identifying suspects.

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