Video Analytics


UCIT specializes in protecting outdoor assets and inventories utilizing the latest in advanced object oriented video analytics.

This technology enables cameras to differentiate people and vehicles from other objects sending our high tech video monitoring center alarms when people and vehicles are seen where people and vehicles should not be located.

Additional advanced analytics that UCIT utilizes includes Object Tracking, Directional Analytics, License Plate Recognition, Loitering Alerts, and People Counting.

Our systems work seamlessly with both digital IP and analog cameras; and can be fully integrated into your current security system.


  • Optimize operational processes using state of the art video monitoring intelligence
  • Help reduce overall security costs
  • Increase ROI using additional reporting data to improve marketing strategies
  • Stop threats in advance using directional analytics, object tracking and loitering analytics.
  • Minimize investigation time with a centralized, searchable database
  • Simple installation and no need for additional hardware
  • Improve compliance requirements with advanced project management reports


Optimize surveillance security by capturing license plate information for parking lots, drive-up windows and entry gates. Use this information to spot returning vehicles of interest.


Reduce investigation times and improve proactive security with alerting and case management capabilities.


UCIT monitoring specialists get real-time alerts to suspicious activity, to allow for a more proactive approach to security. When combined with Facial Surveillance and License Plate Recognition, you can better protect your entry ways and ensure faster investigation times.


Often used as an added value feature, in order to gather information surrounding operational performance optimization, better traffic management and health and safety improvements.


Video Event Management

Video capabilities such as object oriented video analytics enable the system to automatically look for humans and vehicles where humans and vehicles should not be located. Such capabilities can drastically reduce the workload of security staff, lower network bandwidth and storage requirements, and enable searches for relevant recordings to be made rapidly.

Reduce Security Spending

UCIT video monitoring solutions can effectively replace, supplement, or compliment on site security guards and mobile patrols leading savings of 35-50%.


Easy to Integrate

Open platform IP security makes it easy to integrate with other systems such as access control or existing security installations, add new functionalities, and expand with your business. This results in scalable, easy to integrate and sustainable security solutions.

Store More Info

Network video products work with standard wired and wireless IP networks, and standard PC server hardware for video analytics recording and storage, rather than proprietary equipment. These benefits enable savings in installation, management, and equipment costs.

Better Quality Images

Digital quality images with no degradation of content over time and convenient digital video storage with the ability to compress content for improved storage. The result of this is more accurate video analytics, reporting and the ability to see clear defined images could be the difference between an arrest or not.

Customized to You

Ability to retain analog camera installations while building an IP-based digital video security system with network cameras. This provides you with an optimal video analytics and a cost effective solution that is personally tailored to your individual logistics.

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