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Analog (CCTV) and Digital (IP) Solutions

As technology has advanced, IP (network) security has emerged as most effective method of surveillance, providing high performance, low-cost, adaptable video surveillance software solutions for any size and industry. We have an exciting array of camera options, perfect for any location: HD, Megapixel, Low-Light, Thermal, License Plate Capture and Wireless IP cameras.

Digital video for specific security and remote surveillance applications, also called network video or IP video surveillance, is a system which allows users to monitor and record video footage via an IP network (Internet).

IP security is a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV). In an IP video security system, network cameras stream real-time security video over the Internet. You can view the live video as it happens to check up on your business from anywhere in the world, using a standard networked computer.

IP security is a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV). UCIT delivers cost efficient assimilation with existing CCTV surveillance, access control and building management systems that not only offers complete protection, but is a much cheaper and advanced alternative to onsite security guards.


The Ultimate surveillance software solution DETEXI NVR — a PC server running DETEXI software, supplies the basis for network video management

  • Similar to how a PC can save documents and other files, video can be stored on a PC server. Specialized equipment is redundant, this updated technology does not differentiate video data — it is viewed as any other large group of files that is stored, accessed and deleted.
  • Once installed and configured, you can monitor and record security video from many cameras simultaneously on a remote PC server via the Internet, using the DETEXI NVR software.

DETEXI IP Video Security

UCIT’s security installations are based on the combination of advanced, in-house developed surveillance software — DETEXI IP Video Security, and appropriate hardware.

  • The open platform allows integrates with the best-in-class hardware components, such as — IP cameras and video encoders, PC servers and storage, network switches and so on, and ultimately a superior security and surveillance system.
  • UCIT’s non-proprietary IP security solutions utilize high quality, innovative network video products from leading manufacturers to ensure system expansion, flexibility, and long term cost competitiveness.


Intelligence at the camera level

  • Intelligence at the camera level enables a more productive and effective means of surveillance
  • The intelligent network camera is never idle. It is constantly on guard, analyzing inputs and waiting for an impulse to kick-start an action or series of actions, such as, start sending scheduled or alarm security video, activate lights and doors, manage pan / tilt / zoom functions, and many others.
  • UCIT collaborates IP (network) cameras with its surveillance software while integrating older analog cameras with new digital models. UCIT’s support for both analog and digital coexistence enables for easier and more cost efficient assimilation with existing (CCTV) surveillance systems.

Digitize Analog Signals

  • Video encoders bring new functionality to analog equipment and eliminate the need for dedicated equipment such as coaxial cabling, analog monitors, and DVRs.
  • Video encoders help to migrate an analog security system to an IP-based digital video solution. A video encoder (also referred to as video server) digitizes analog video signals and distributes digital images directly over an IP-based network (e.g. LAN / Intranet / Internet), turning analog cameras into network cameras and enabling users to remotely monitor the cameras, as well as record and store video on standard PC servers.
  • A video encoder typically provides 1-4 connections to analog cameras, and an Ethernet port to connect to the network.

IP (Network) Camera

  • IP cameras stream real-time, high-resolution video over the Internet
  • A network (IP) camera can be described as a camera and computer combined in one unit. It has a compression chip, an operating system, a built-in web server, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server, FTP client, e-mail client, alarm management and much more.
  • A network camera, unlike a web camera, does not need to be attached to a PC; it operates independently and connects, as with a PC, directly to an IP network. It can be placed wherever there is a network connection.
  • The network camera captures and sends live security video, enabling authorized users to locally or remotely view, store and manage video over a standard network infrastructure.

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