Gate & Access Control

Remote Gate Control Solutions

UCIT Operators work with IP video surveillance and access control systems to allow people in and out of properties. We help businesses to eliminate the need for or reduce the amount of required physical guards on site, helping clients significantly reduce costs.

  • Remote gate control solutions work well for transportation & logistics trailer parking lots, industrial equipment yards, and access for remotely located properties, such as substations.
  • Cost effective way to replace security guards at compound entry/exit points
  • Driver verification and identification/credential verification
  • Correct trailer/tractor validation with loading dock directions upon entry/exit
  • Live inspection of tractor/trailer movement to identify damage to equipment or property
  • Customizable security service protocols and reporting

Integrated Access Control Solutions

  • Access Control systems are about more than locking / unlocking doors. We provide users a convenient platform to manage their people and UCIT uses cloud-based Access Control technology to monitor building activity, including time and attendance on construction and commercial/industrial sites.
  • Our technology  can often work with your  current systems, and can be combined with part-time guard services or other remote video monitoring solutions to best meet your needs. Not only does remote access control solutions reduce the risk of unauthorized site access, vandalism and theft, but it can also be used to create detailed reports that highlight employee misconduct and help ensure company guidelines are adhered to.
  • Remote access and gate control solutions can work in conjunction with UCIT’s video monitoring team to help deal with situations regarding site access in real-time as well as with UCIT’s video review team to aid in investigations with unauthorized activity, site accidents or missing property.
  • Access control systems are useful across a multitude of industries, including shopping centers, apartment buildings, transportation & logistics centers, warehouses, retailers and storage facilities



Centrally Managed Access Control

Gives you all of the benefits of an access system with the added convenience of being centrally managed by a central station service provider, freeing up your time to focus on your core business. All system transactions are conveniently processed over the Internet.

No Upfront Equipment Costs

UCIT provides clients with the ability to install, manage and maintain remote access control systems for an all-inclusive monthly fee. We administer: card holders, access cards, door groups, access levels, holidays, holiday groups, and customized, allowing businesses to secure facilities without large upfront hardware and software costs combine with taking on day-to-day administration, can save significant amounts of time and money.

Ongoing Support

Our service doesn’t end after the sale. We know it takes more than great products to help you succeed — it also takes great support. Our team of professionals and experienced customer and technical support specialists are always at your service.

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