IP Security Explained

IP-Based Digital Video Security

UCIT Online offers security services and professional installations across several industry verticals with the purpose of increasing safety and business efficiency for their clients.

UCIT’s IP security delivers real-time surveillance, remote accessibility, and scalable, based on standard equipment, future-proof security solutions to help you prepare for potential business growth and upcoming technology challenges.

UCIT’s security installations based on IP digital video technology provide the foundation for real-time surveillance and 24/7 all activities recording from numerous network cameras, strategically placed on the clients’ sites, at one secure central location — remote monitoring and command center.

  • UCIT’s IP security guarantees security system expansion with a scalable solution, based on standard equipment. IP cameras operate independently and connect, as with a PC, directly to an IP network. New surveillance cameras can be added one by one to meet increased performance requirements.


  • Advanced, in-house developed surveillance software provides additional benefit of great capacity to integrate with other systems including existing security, access control and building management systems.


  • Trained operators remotely view sites and check whether security and other operational issues are being met, based on preset instructions. Surveillance tours are conducted at scheduled intervals and alarms. The services include 24/7 video recording to a secure NVR Server.

Upgrade to IP Security

The rise of digital technology has exposed analog’s security many shortcomings. UCIT’s IP-based security delivers real-time surveillance, remote accessibility, and a scalable, future-proof solutions with great capacity to integrate with other systems including access control and building management systems to help you prepare for potential business growth and upcoming technology challenges.

Transitioning to IP digital security does not mean you have to discard your existing analog investments. Video encoders enable a cost-effective way to integrate your analog surveillance system and gain the benefits of network video technology.

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IP security leading-edge solutions


Thermal network cameras have the ability to detect and act on suspicious activity 24/7. By visualizing the heat radiating from people, vehicles and objects, these cameras enable you to see through complete darkness, smoke and other challenging conditions.


License plate capture cameras are a specialized form of camera with built in software that helps to identify and capture license plates on still or moving vehicles. The intelligent traffic modes built into these cameras allows the camera to compensate for speed, weather, and headlight issues which all make it challenging to capture a usable video that identifies license plates.


We also utilize low-light camera series based on Lightfinder technology, which maintains colors even in very dark conditions to enable anonymous detection.


High-resolution, wireless network cameras ideal for security surveillance of locations such as retail stores, offices, hotels and university campuses, where their wireless network connection offer a flexible installation alternative. The installation of a wireless camera is quick and easy, as no network cabling is necessary.


Sensors such as a door switch, smoke detector, IR detector or glass break detector, used for triggering an alarm event, can be integrated in the UCIT’s security system. System can also be connected to different control devices or relays, for instance, to open and close doors or turn on and off lights upon alarm.


Network cameras come with a number of intelligent video applications which function to increase surveillance efficiency, including motion/audio detection and tampering alarms with automatic alerts.
Additionally, UCIT’s surveillance software gives users even greater control and management of live and recorded video, and alarm events. Our system, for instance, can communicate with several applications in parallel and perform various tasks such as detecting motion or sending different streams of video. The software can send video and audio to a user, as well as receive audio and data instructions from the user to activate doors or external alarms.


Regular security and surveillance system health check is an important procedure, to ensure that your system is working properly. UCIT provides as part of its security solution, a Status Checker feature that constantly checks all hardware and software involved in the security installation and gives supervisors a detailed picture of the status of all the components. In addition, this feature can be activated at any time for an instant analysis of the system.

IP Networks Explained

An IP (network) camera, unlike a web camera, does not need to be attached to a PC; it operates independently and connects, as with a PC, directly to an IP network. It can be placed wherever there is a network connection.

Network cameras are a great way to monitor different locations without having to physically be there, as the Internet-connected IP cameras stream real-time, high-resolution video. You can view the live video as it happens to check up on your business from anywhere in the world, using a standard networked computer.

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Digital Video Applications

Digital video for specific security and surveillance applications (also called network video or IP-based video surveillance), is a system which allows users to monitor and record video footage via an IP network (Internet).

IP (network) security has emerged as an attractive alternative to DVRs, as it provides high performance, low-cost, adaptable security video surveillance solutions. Our software offers the customers an effective standardized way for handling video material and providing real-time remote video surveillance and monitoring.

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