Real Videos

UCIT’s Solution is Proven – Watch Real Videos

UCIT’s solution has proven to work. Over the past year alone we have created more than 4,000 videos for clients, police services, and insurance providers.

Watch actual footage captured by UCIT’s team. Our combine monitoring centers are viewing 15,000+ cameras each night. When we see suspicious activity our professionally trained operators execute industry and client specialized protocols that include contacting site management, remotely activating on-site speakers, or calling police to report a live crime in progress. Watch select actual footage below.

Lumber Thieves Arrested at Construction Site

Apartment Construction Site Thief Caught and Arrested

Repeat burglar caught by police

High Rise Break-in

An Illegal Wire Transfer

Hiding In The Shadows

Police Let The Dogs Out

Parking Lot Looters Get Arrested

Shopping Center Drug Bust

Charged With Battery Theft

A Window Of Opportunity

Accident Caught on Tape

Self Storage Destruction