UCIT Announces Launch of Mobile Application for iOS

TORONTO, ON — JANUARY, 2014. Whitecap Canada Inc., a leading developer of customized e-Business and Internet-based applications, and UCIT Online Security (UCIT), a provider of state-of-the art IP-based Digital Video Security systems across North America, announced today the launch of a new mobile security monitoring app for iOS.

UCIT allows its customers to monitor different locations without having to physically be there as the Internet-connected IP cameras stream real-time, high-resolution security video over the Internet. UCIT’s team of security managers remotely monitor live security footage; customers can also watch live video as it happens to check up on their business from anywhere, using a standard networked computer. The new mobile app will now allow UCIT customers to watch live video from their iPhone and iPad devices, in addition to offering enhanced functionality as compared to the desktop monitoring application in the form of an interactive map of all of a user’s monitoring sites and cameras and a facility to tag “favorite” cameras for easy access.

To achieve this, Whitecap worked extensively to develop a solution that would work with iOS without affecting UCIT’s existing back-end architecture, and also developed solutions to several integration challenges. This included the development of integration to both full and partial pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera technology and the development of multiple remote control interface paradigms to meet the varying functionality of the different camera models, including a joystick-style control, a scroll bar style control and gesture-based controls. The multiple interface types were designed to ensure that all end users to interact with the iOS application in a way that is both familiar and intuitive. There are future plans to develop a version of the app for Android devices.

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