Potential Inside Man Involved Luxury Car Theft – Auto Dealership Security

August 24 2017
auto dealer security

A better auto dealership security system could have help prevent a car heist at a Porsche dealership. Thieves stole seven high-end sports cars from Memphis, Tennessee. This included five Porsche Panameras and two Porsche 911 coupes.

In Need Of A Better Auto Dealership Security

According to NBC 5, the car thieves entered the Memphis dealership showroom after the service department opened for the day. The sales team was not on site yet. The suspects easily bypassed the auto dealership security and broke into a private office. The office had hundreds of sets of key and owner’s manuals for the Porches on-site.

Due to the complexity and ease of the crime, the car dealership owner felt that the thieves had an inside man. That’s how the car thieves knew how to pass the auto dealership security. The dealership told the Memphis Police about the stolen vehicles. The owner said that a person would not have been able to come into the car dealership and find those specific luxury cars unless they have been on the dealership previously or someone told them. One of the concerns about the stolen vehicles was that they would be shipped overseas and sold in the black market. The stolen cars were valued at $100,000 but could be twice as expensive oversees. The stolen Porche cars were covered by insurance.

The car dealership was not a UCIT client.

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