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Minimizing Risk & Liability

UCIT Online Security is North America’s leader in Remote Video Monitoring solutions. We combine the latest surveillance technology with highly skilled and experienced live video monitoring operators trained to proactively identify suspicious activity, and prevent live crimes in progress.

Live Video Monitoring solutions are not only typically 30-50% more cost effective than security guards, but UCIT also offers these solutions with no up-front equipment costs.

With 14+ years of remote video monitoring experience, we achieve results by taking time to understand specific client needs across different industry verticals and geographies.

Our focus is on security, site management, and managing risk & liability. We currently monitor 15,000+ cameras across 3 Video Monitoring centers. In aggregate, we average 350+ prevented crimes each month, for clients across Canada and the United States. We don’t wait for crime to happen.

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Using a combination of hardware, software/analytics and human intelligence UCIT deploys Live Video Monitoring solutions, customized to help your business:

  • Reduce Security Guard Costs
  • Consult, Design & Install
  • Prevent Materials Theft
  • Reduce Property Damage
  • Protect Outdoor Assets
  • Provide Latest Technology
  • Minimize Risk & Liability
  • Gate Entry and Exit Control
  • Safeguard Unmanned/Remote Locations
  • Deter Vandalism
  • Improve Marketability
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics



Our live Video Monitoring capabilities cover North America; no matter where your business is, we are able to protect your assets.


We serve and protect large national companies as well as small and mid-sized enterprises. Our tailored solutions mean our client base continues to grow.


2-way audio voice down communication provides an instant deterrent against criminal activity by actively letting trespassers know they have been spotted.


We react in real-time, often resulting in police responses while trespassers are still onsite. Catching criminals in the act leads to more arrests and less repeat crime.


Our 24/7 Live Video Monitoring centers in Toronto, Dallas and Manila gives us around the clock coverage with redundant backups, ensuring someone is always watching your assets.


We have developed our solutions by working on thousands of projects and businesses over 14+ years. Our 350+ person team is dedicated to providing 1st class customer service.


Advanced video analytics and powerful hardware solutions combine to give our monitoring team the tools needed to achieve results. Our dedicated R&D team stays on top of the latest technology for our clients’ benefit.


We’ve grown from a small Canadian business with one location to a business with offices and operational capabilities spanning across North America. We get to know each area we operate so we can tackle unique challenges at each location.


Continuing to strive for excellence, UCIT has made the Profit 500’s list of fasting growing companies 8 years in a row. In the past 6 years alone we’ve grown from 55 to 350+ employees. Our main source of growth has been through customer referrals, earned by providing top-tier service.


We’d love to learn more about your business and discuss how we can help. Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide you with a proposal, once we understand your unique requirements.

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Since adopting UCIT remote monitoring services back in 2010, we have realized a significant decline in theft. We also utilize their technology to verify when our employees and vehicles are on our sites to ensure our own people are where they need to be and when. UCIT security solution has proven to be invaluable as well as cost efficient.

“As a systems integrator whose core values center around accountability, customer satisfaction and high-performance, we sought to find a managed video services partner that shares that vision and commitment.  UCIT provides an advanced suite of managed and monitored video services that meets our customers’ needs today and, of equal importance, will allow us to broaden our technology portfolio to grow and strengthen those relationships through our service-oriented security solutions.”

We were able to secure our sites while saving close to 50% compared to using a guard but we were also able to save additional money by using the video to resolve incidents that occurred on site. We eventually implemented UCIT solution on 13 sites and are prepared to use their solution in place of guards on future sites where applicable.

Monarch Corporation has been working with UCIT Online since early 2008. They currently provide construction site security for our projects throughout the province of Ontario inclusive of the GTA and Ottawa. Prior to UCIT Online, Monarch utilized security guards but found that they were neither a cost effective nor an efficient security solution.

I have been working with the Remote Concierge team for a year and have been very impressed with the service that they are providing and the value that they bring to our building. They are extremely diligent and produce detailed reporting that provides transparency into the operations of the building. We are now in the process of installing Remote Concierge in a neighbouring building and I have no doubt they will be successful there as well.

Soon after residents started to move in to the condo, it became clear that there was insufficient security without some sort of gatekeeper in place. Ultimately we chose to hire UCIT as a remote concierge. Our board has been pleased with the nature of the remote concierge service, the responsiveness of management at UCIT to deal with any issues that we have had, the increased security, and the cost being reasonable relative to any other alternative.

UCIT has provided both temporary and permanent CCTV systems for a number of projects for the Renewable Energy division at PCL. The system provides flexibility for the PCL team to monitor the sites during off work hours, and has essentially eliminated the need for a full time security guard. I would recommend the UCIT Online security system for both temporary and permanent security needs for general contractors or facility end users.

The diligence of the night shift concierge by keeping an eye on our property, the quick and accurate reply from your team, your kind staff which are always there for providing us a very professional and efficient service, the excellent work of management in supervising and guiding the team which has made big improvements, your company’s quality continues to reach higher levels.

UCIT has been providing remote security monitoring services for PCL on fourteen (14) of our Renewable Energy Solar Farm projects since April of 2013. Four (4) of these projects are managed directly by me and my team where UCIT has been extremely reliable when incidences have occurred. The response times and sense of urgency that UCIT has displayed throughout the span of the projects has been instrumental in protecting our interests, reputation, and construction sites.

“I’ve worked with UCIT over the past 7 years with 2 different companies; Footprint Developments and Manshield Construction. It’s been nothing but positive for our security needs. Their talk down system works great. I would highly recommend this company.”

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